The Rosso Conero Vineyards



Like the surrounding Conero area, the soil goes from calcareous to very calcareous on a clayey base, which is appropriate for growing Montepulciano.

The vineyards consist of 11 owned hectars, southfacing and adjacent to Mount Conero at an altitude of 250mt above sea level and 4 leased hectars on Mount Conero slopes. The older parts have a density which is slightly over 2000 rootstocks per hectar whilst the new parts have around 5000 rootstocks per hectar. Cultivation is vine-shoot renewable and pruning is done using Guyot and cordon training techniques.





The winery is organised using new technologies both in the pre-fermentation and post-fermentation phases. It is in fact equipped with modern and innovative steel fermentation tanks, French durmast fermentation tubs at monitored temperature for the vinification of high quality red wines and small wooden barrels for the “élevage” of refined wines.










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